Be part of a ground breaking research project at the Adelaide Gluten Matters Expo 2017.

Using a person's whole genetic code (genome) to improve and customize their medical care has great potential.  As Coeliac Disease has a strong genetic association, people with Coeliac Disease are very likely to benefit from genomic testing.  A research team from WEHI will be attending the Adelaide Gluten Matters Expo and they are seeking volunteers to participate in this ground breaking genetic research. 

This research aims to understand a persons genome (genetic profile) to determine their risk of developing Coeliac Disease.  There is a lot of interest now in "personalized medicine" whereby the use of a person's unique genetic profile is used to tailor medical care specific to their needs.  By understanding the genome and how it affects development of Coeliac Disease,  a simple saliva test may be able to identify those at low, moderate and high risk of developing Coeliac Disease.  This will be very helpful in the future for family members to determine what kind of medical care they may need.  The genome may also provide insights as to a how a person's Coeliac Disease might behave, for example, the risk for development of certain complications. 

Conditions of participation:

* The researchers are looking for people with diagnosed Coeliac Disease or their first degree relatives.  Family members can participate even though they have not been diagnosed as long as the family member with confirmed Coeliac Disease is also participating.

* Participants must not ingest any food 40 minutes prior to testing.  Participants can have a drink of water and then nothing further for 40 minutes prior to testing.

Taking part is simple - a saliva sample collected into a special container and the filling out of a short questionnaire is all that is required.  Whilst  participants will not be getting personal results from this process, volunteer participation is vital in assisting the research team to develop and refine this type of testing process.

Please visit the WEHI stand for more information about this existing project.